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Push and Pull

2021 - present

Push and Pull IV, 2023
Concrete, epoxy resin, charcoal, wheels
5.5h x 32.5w x 18d in

Installation view of ‘water’s subtle’ in the Columbus Building, Chicago, IL, US

Push and Pull III, 2022
Concrete, pine wood, rocks
11h x 24w x 12.8d in

Push and Pull II, 2022
PLA plastic, epoxy resin, pine wood, plaster gauze bandage, acrylic sheet, enamel
63h x 24w x 32d in

Push and Pull I, 2021
Plywood, acrylic, enamel, plastic net, vinyl tubing, conduit strap, PVC fitting, plastic bottle, gypsum
48h x 85w x 38d in