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Push and Pull

2021 - present

                   Push and Pull is a series of installations and sculptures that integrates multiple materials with both geometric and random aspects. Each element of divergent materials can relate to one another to form tension and equilibrium while yielding its own nature of efficacy and accuracy.

Push and Pull IV, 2023
Concrete, epoxy resin, charcoal, wheels
5.5h x 32.5w x 18d in

Installation view of ‘water’s subtle’ in the Columbus Building, Chicago, IL, US

Push and Pull III, 2022
Concrete, pine wood, rocks
11h x 24w x 12.8d in

Push and Pull II, 2022
PLA plastic, epoxy resin, pine wood, plaster gauze bandage, acrylic sheet, enamel
63h x 24w x 32d in

Push and Pull I, 2021
Plywood, acrylic, enamel, plastic net, vinyl tubing, conduit strap, PVC fitting, plastic bottle, gypsum
48h x 85w x 38d in